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CCP 2009 Compilation Empty CCP 2009 Compilation

Message  Apple le Mar 3 Nov - 23:06

Well, the year is almost over. ^^ And we all know what that means!

Apple is going to be making yet another DVD. XD Luckily for me, it will be a simple one. Starting now, I will be collecting pictures and vids from my own collection and others in order to make a DVD of all the things we did this year to give to everyone who went to the CC GTs as a sort of gift. ^^ To thank you all for coming and for being great friends! =D

I still have the Compilation of 2008 still available. So I'll be giving those out as well as the 2009 Compilation. Also still have many of the Cosplay Chess 2009 DVDs as well, if anyone still wants them.

So, now, I will be filling out orders. =D Yours names will be placed below in the correct categories~!

2008 CCP Compilation

2009 CCP Compilation

Otakuthon Cosplay Chess 2009

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CCP 2009 Compilation Empty Re: CCP 2009 Compilation

Message  Melo-chan2174 le Mar 3 Nov - 23:09

Well I dont know if I appear in one of them, but if I do I want a copy. ^^
Smile and life will smile at you !

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